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Building High Impact Leadership Teams to Achieve Market Leadership

ManagementCentral provides the framework and tools for creating high-impact leadership teams that inspire engagement and excellence throughout their organizations.  Solutions are delivered cost-effectively through a growing Network of experienced leaders. Our Leadership Impact Model incorporates integrated market research—the best of the best, related online assessments, and an accountability process that enables leaders to more fully engage the productive potential of their people in the pursuit of sustainable market leadership (more)

Solutions to the Problems of Growth and Change

Below are 5 client projects that are representative of how clients help us learn and grow, or enable us to apply our capability in a unique way to respond to specific needs—in both large and small companies.


Through our alliance with WJM & Associates, Inc., we worked with the U.S-based senior leadership team to strengthen its impact, collectively and individually, on the productivity of the operating division.  (more)
Through our partnership with Ilene Patasnik & Associates, LLC., we have been working with one of the divisionís senior leadership teams to strengthen cohesiveness and mutual accountability for team goals.(more)
Through our alliance with WJM Associates, Inc., we are working with the US leadership team to align the culture to their market leadership strategy.(more)
In partnership with Ilene Patasnik & Associates, LLC., we are providing a range of customized, global assessments and leadership and team effectiveness solutions throughout several divisions across the company.(more)
We were asked by the founder of this international search firm to work with her and the senior directors to resolve conflicts about the strategy and direction of the firm. (more)
The Center is for clients and network partners to order, administer, or view the results of assessments.
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 We have created demos of the following assessments to provide a better understanding of the benefits, the process, and the insights provided:
• Leader 360 Feedback
• Employee Engagement Survey
• Culture Assessment
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