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Why Most Leadership Teams are Failing, and How to Turn Them Around—Fast! 02/07 Terrence Overholser
The real problem facing organizations is not changing markets, increased competition, inefficient processes, unproductive people, or poor decision-making, but rather ineffective, fragmented leadership teams. (more...)
20 Facts Everyone Should Know About Emotional Intelligence 03/07 Terrence Overholser
Emotional Intelligence is a set of mental abilities, one of several domains of intelligence. IQ refers to the logical/mathematical domain. Because emotions can hinder or enhance effective processing in the other domains, EI should be viewed as a meta-intelligence. Our emotions are either working for us or against us. (more...)
Team-Centered Leadership:Why Real Teamwork is Essential for Market Leadership 04/07 Terrence Overholser
It is only in the context of a team that the synthesis of individual expression and mature, mutual reliance can be fully realized. Interdependency is the defining characteristic of real teamwork, and team-centered leadership is the precondition for achieving and sustaining market success. (more...)
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