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ManagementCentral was established in 1999 by Terrence Overholser, currently President and CEO.  Our business philosophy is “Grow small.”  Our vision is to deliver high-value organizational change solutions to both large and small growth businesses globally. 

Through longstanding Consulting Partner Alliances with Ilene Patasnik & Associates, LLC,and WJM Associates, Inc., our business has grown in both capability and scope.The creation of MCNet will further increase the scope and reach of our impact with minimal incremental overhead , and enable us to

stay focused on doing what we love-delivering integrated client solutions through the analysis and synthesis of exceptional market research, and the application of technology to measure success.

Sam Alibrando, Ph.D, President of APC, Inc., enhances our capability in California and the western region. Sam brings 30 years of clinical practice with with 20 years of focus on executive selection and on-boarding leadership and team assessment and development, and a new interpersonal assessment instrument, the ITI, to our online capabilities.

Our administrative office is located in Milford, CT, and our technology office is in Kolkata, India. Our creative technology group is headed by Biswadeep Chakraborty, Chief Technology Officer. Rather than use the resources of a large outsourcing firm supporting multiple clients, we chose to establish dedicated full-time staff to give us the stability, speed, creativity, expertise and total customer focus necessary to delight clients and provide the support our consulting and network partners deserve.

173 Centennial Drive
Milford, CT 06461
From Within U.S.:888-786-9584
International & Local: 203-877-7869

Or email:

For general information: Info (At) Managementcentral (dot) com.
For technical support: Techsupport (At) Managementcentral (dot) com.
For comments or suggestions on our website:webmaster (At) Managementcentral (dot) com.

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 We have created demos of the following assessments to provide a better understanding of the benefits, the process, and the insights provided:
• Leader 360 Feedback
• Employee Engagement Survey
• Culture Assessment
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