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We understand the risks that both the successful candidate and employer assume when a new executive is hired.  Our “Excelerator!” program significantly enhances the probability of a successful transition at an accelerated pace, with the following additional benefits:

  • Higher productivity from initiatives that address the needs of the stakeholders

  • The external survey consists of 8-12 questions that measure how these stakeholders perceive the Target Groupís effectiveness.
  • Objective data to be reviewed with the hiring manager to agree on priorities, and ensure understanding of the new executive’s challenge

  • Shorter timeframe at minimal incremental cost for identifying priorities

  • Objective baseline data against which to quickly and reliably measure progress on key priority improvement goals to ensure accountability

Depending on the scope, the program can include the following components:

We customize two anonymous surveys to identify the key issues the new leader must address, based on the position and scope of responsibilities and initial discussions with the manager and senior HR executive.  Within two to four weeks of the executive’s start, one internal survey is completed by the employees in the new leader’s department or group (the target group), and, optionally, another survey is completed by internal clients/stakeholders who work with the target group and have an interest in the success of the new hire.

  • The “target” employee group survey consists of 15-20 objective questions and two qualitative questions that measure:

    ¤ Effectiveness of relationships within the target employee group, and    between the target group and key internal client groups
    ¤ Satisfaction with management practices and business issues
    ¤ Overall enthusiasm and loyalty levels of employees

  • The external survey consists of 8-12 questions that measure the perception of external groups on the effectiveness of the target group, and gives the new hire insights into the perception of the effectiveness of working relationships with the target employee group.

An Organization Effectiveness Report (OER) is prepared based on the results of the surveys. The report is reviewed in a planning meeting with the new hire, the direct manager and the appropriate HR executive two weeks after the surveys are completed.
The OER identifies:

  • Employee priorities with comparisons by break-out group, and between the target group and all other stakeholders
  • Highest and lowest proficiency ratings from each survey, by group and overall
  • Noteworthy employee and stakeholder comments
  • Recommended next steps and areas for further exploration (Raw survey data is included in the addendum.)

In the Review and Planning Meeting, the report is reviewed to ensure a proper understanding of the issues, identify additional areas for further exploration, and prepare the leader for the debriefing and problem-solving meeting with his/her direct reports.
The new hire leads a Stakeholder Debriefing Meeting with all employee participants to report the survey results, identify key problems and ensure that the underlying causes have been identified. The meeting may be attended by the MCNet consultant who facilitates the problem-solving discussion.

If requested, the MCNet consultant will work with the new executive to create an Action Plan based on the results of the team meeting and provide guidance in working with other team members and stakeholders to ensure buy-in and active support.

The MCNet coach ensures that the new executive implements the plan as effectively as possible. As an option, we can include one or more Team Effectiveness workshops to build the cohesiveness of the team around the goals.

90-120 days after the new executive starts, an initial feedback report is provided    which evaluates the executive against the key behaviors required for success. Raters include direct reports, peers and senior managers with the most exposure to the new executive.  The report identifies key strengths and growth opportunities, as well as any areas that need priority attention.

The consultant or MCNet coach assesses the new hire’s progress against the Exceleration plan three months after the initial survey to ensure that the executive is addressing the key issues effectively.

The Organization Effectiveness Progress Report compares results with the initial report, notes areas of progress and alerts the executive to areas where continued attention is required. The executive’s overall effectiveness is also measured by a 360 Degree Feedback Report.  These results are then integrated into a new performance plan.  Depending on the scope of the plan and the results of the initial review, progress is measured again in 3-9 months.

3-6 months after the initial 360 assessment, the 3-7 priority improvement behaviors are re-assessed by those who submitted feedback for the initial baseline report.  The Progress Report will indicate whether or not the executive demonstrates the ability to learn and grow in those areas which are key to successful leadership.

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