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personal skills development
personal skills development

Our coaching practice includes limited strategic coaching or advisory relationships, and emotional intelligence coaching, which is our primary focus. Traditional corrective and developmental coaching assignments are only provided through Network Partners. Our online 360 assessments with the Progress Review function is ideal for all coaching situations. For clients who invest substantial resources into coaching, we can also customize an Executive Coaching Optimizer program to measure the success of coaching assignments by coach/firm and/or coaching objective.  

Emotional Intelligence Coaching: Clarity with Passion.

EI can be developed, and is essential for effective leadership. EI problems are problems of cognition, not emotion, and the ability to develop EI can best be demonstrated from the success of cognitive-behavioral therapy. In addition, research in neuroplasticity demonstrates that thoughts not only drive emotions, but can rewire the brain. Humans, as it turns out, are not hard-wired, but rather have an amazing capacity for transformation. Successful clients are committed to personal growth, and willing to do the work.

EI cannot be developed in a training program. EI coaching consists of a 5 phase process over a 3 month period that requires a deeper commitment to learning and growth. Monthly sessions over the following 3-6 month period better assures that learning takes hold, and enables resolution of conflicts that typically emerge. Outcomes can be measured at the end of 3 months, and again in 12 months to ensure learning is sustained.

Pre-coaching assessments include an EI 360, EI Self-Test, and Gallup’s strengthsfinder test—all of which are online and do not require administration by a psychologist.

Interactive phases include deepening self-awareness, setting behavioral goals—including acquiring related skills, creating a compelling purpose and vision, and deepening awareness of others, incorporating coaching and mentoring skills.

In addition to a full EI coaching program, we also conduct a related Personal Skills Development program for mid level executives on a one-on-one basis, or for an entire team. 

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