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This prequel to Now, Discover Your Strengths, provides the results of an in-depth study undertaken by the Gallup organization of great managers in a variety of roles and organizations, and how they differ from other managers with poorer results in the same organization.

This is also the source book for the “Gallup 12” survey questions which they found to be most highly correlated to engagement. While our experience confirms the consistent importance of a subset of them, we also find other factors of greater importance.

In this book, the authors help readers identify their innate talents, and explain their theory behind it. The book must be purchased to take the strengthsfinder test, which assures it of continuing best seller status. But it is worthwhile.

We find that individual signature themes and a team’s talent profile are the most powerful tools for creating more interdependent teams, and raising performance levels. We do not agree that the best strategy is to always focus on developing their talents, as many of them can and regularly do work against the leader.

In short, this book both fueled my vision and served as an antidote to fear and trepidation (cutting the umbilical cord and guaranteed income) as I pursued my career change through graduate school and early start-up of my own consulting practice. Marsha is an inspiration.

This quote from Edmond Szekely says it well: “The majority work to make a living; some work to acquire wealth or fame, while a few work because there is something within them which demands expression…..Only a few truly love it.”

When working with management teams to help align their culture to their strategy, we present the research from this book to point to the need to make clear strategic choices so that the culture can be properly aligned. Where the choices are not being made, the culture must try to serve all masters, which results in mediocrity.

While the more recent notion of Value Innovation can integrate both low cost and innovation strategies if the boundaries of competition are redefined, the principle of Discipline provokes highly productive discussions that lead teams to breakthrough performance. 

This is the source book for the Organization Culture Assessment instrument which we use with leadership teams to identify and resolve critical values conflicts that undermine trust, and to find consensus on the direction and strategy for aligning the culture to the market leadership strategy.

Cameron and Quinn provide a brilliant yet simple model for understanding and changing culture.  

This is the most practical book on EI that stays true to the science and the Mayer-Salovey model. The self-test at the back of the book can be taken in the Online Assessment center. You will receive the results together with a summary of Dr. Weisinger’s suggested tips for strengthening each of the skills.


Lack of accountability is the most pervasive problem facing today’s organizations. In spite of great works such as the OZ Principle, and much talk about accountability, organizations continue to avoid it.This is born out in our employee surveys and a special accountability survey.

Victimology is a social disease that has infected organizations, and it can be treated only with an integrated, systematic approach that includes progress report cards, zero tolerance for below the line thinking, a focus on emotional intelligence, mutual accountability at the team level for team results, and a reward system that substantially differentiates between those who lead change, and those who wait for others. 

This is simply the best book written on leadership. 5th level leadership is what all should aspire to.


Daniel Pink has a gift for profound trend analysis, and is a pleasure to read. The move from the Information Age, where everyone’s mind is still buried, to the Conceptual Age will require new ways of thinking about education, careers and success. It is also another reaffirmation of the importance of emotional intelligence skills.


If you are thinking about leaving the organization and going out on your own, you must read this book. It is a trend that is also accelerating in other parts of the world, and confirms our conviction about the importance of building our Partnership Network.


This is our team effectiveness bible, which we used in conjunction with Katzenbach’s Wisdom of Teams, to create our team effectiveness self assessment. It is a quick and most enjoyable read of the growth of a real team, and the 5 inter-related functions critical to high performance.


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