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Our approach to team effectiveness is based on the principle that organizations can only be as effective as their leadership teams—as teams not individuals.  Teams don’t just happen, and most “leadership” teams are managing, not leading.  Fundamental change rarely occurs because traditional teambuilding initiatives focus on symptoms rather than the underlying causes of sub-optimal performance. Our Leadership Impact Model© is the framework we use to help build high-impact leadership teams.

It consists of 2 dimensions—the “What” of leadership team work, and the “How.”  Both dimensions are highly inter-related.  Our assessments measure each of the components to show the team a clear picture of current reality, and measures progress toward the vision.

The “What” of the model is about leading—choosing the market leadership strategy, shaping the culture in alignment with that strategy, and ensuring the right people are in the right roles.

Our employee engagement survey provides insights into the strategy, cultural and people issues.  The Organization Culture Assessment (see Cultural Change) specifically measures the current cultural profile versus the desired profile.  The results of these assessments are presented in a way that powerfully demonstrates the current impact of the team on the productivity of the organization, and provides the catalyst for change. 

Agreement among the team leaders of the need to close the gap between what is and what should be, provides the foundation for building a high impact team.  To close the gap, the team must begin working more effectively together. 

The “How” of the model is focused on building team cohesiveness, which requires surfacing and resolving the root issues of most team dysfunctions—operating values conflicts, and laying the groundwork for rebuilding trust, commitment, and mutual accountability for achieving the cultural change goals.  The OCA enables conflicts both about the direction of the organization (the what), and the most optimal way to get there (the how) to be surfaced and resolved. 

The “How” work begins with the team’s assessment of how well it works together as a team, and the importance of each of the high performance factors.

For more information about building high-impact teams, please refer to the article: Why Leadership Teams are Failing , and How to Turn Them Around-Fast.

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