Specialty Practice Areas
Network Center

Network Center:

As the network grows the center will evolve to ensure that we are providing the key resources needed to effectively design and implement effective team development initiatives. The following resources will be available:

Analytics Packages:
Sample reports and graphs used for workshops covering Team Effectiveness, Composite and Comparative 360s, Employee Engagement results, and Culture Assessments

Articles and Tips:
Subject oriented insights and suggestions from MC and partners are encouraged. Selected articles appropriate for visitors to ManagementCentral will be posted in the Articles/Books tab

Assessment Pricing Table

Assessment Design:
Suggestions and samples of how to structure client assessments for optimal impact.

Case Studies:
Partners are encouraged to submit briefings on client projects.

Client Feedback Results:
Summary level results from client feedback forms to give all partners insight into what is important to clients, what they appreciate, and where focus is needed.

Discussion Log by Topic:
Used for soliciting comments and suggestions from other partners on any issue.

Partner Register:
This will include the partner bio/firm history and areas of expertise, talent profile and contact information.

Setup Templates:
Simple preformatted spreadsheets for clients to complete rater lists for 360s and Employee Assessments, including Engagement Surveys and Culture Assessments.