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ManagementCentral’s Network Partnership( MCNet )is bringing together a global team of independent consultants with leadership experience in a broad spectrum of industries and special expertise in creating high-impact leadership teams that inspire engagement and excellence throughout their client organizations.

Its mission is to help deliver exceptional client value through a shared business platform, toolset, and network that effectively leverages the expertise, experience and talent of its partners, while respecting their independence and preferred level of engagement. 

ManagementCentral is seeking to partner with a select group of executive level leaders in mid-career or early retirement who want to leverage their experience and skills to build their own independent consulting practice at their own pace, but with access to a network of resources comparable to a major consulting firm—without the overhead. 

We are committed to the success of each Partner, and will invest time to ensure understanding of our model and process.  Accordingly, we review each prospective Partner as if we were hiring a senior executive.  This process ensures a good fit, enhances the probability of mutual success, and controls the size and growth rate of the Network.

A Win-Win Solution
The MC Partnership Network( MCNet )enables us to grow our business without growing big. And it gives executives who are tired of the corporate life the resources needed to quickly build a successful practice working with management teams to effect real change.

If the following describes you…

  • You have recently established your own consultancy,  or are thinking about it
  • You are in mid-career or later, and have held executive leadership positions in mid to large corporations
  • You have consultative talents and skills
  • You want to be independent, but value the mutual benefits of teamwork and collaboration (sharing important practice experiences, industry expertise, etc.)
  • You have a potential client network that you can substantially develop yourself, and want to use that network to diversify against employment risk and avoid burnout or
  • You have an existing consulting business and wish to expand your practice area,

...then we invite you to send your resume and/or a brief description of your current business to network@managementcentral.com with a cover note describing your interest and consultative capability, and we will let you know if direct discussions would be appropriate at this time.

To receive a copy of our Network Partner Guidelines, click here. Or, if you wish to learn more, go to Contact Us and complete the short form to receive more information by email.

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 We have created demos of the following assessments to provide a better understanding of the benefits, the process, and the insights provided:
• Leader 360 Feedback
• Employee Engagement Survey
• Culture Assessment
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