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Our online team effectiveness assessment is derived from the Lencioni* and Katzenbach* models.  Team members self rate on 35 factors, both as to the importance and the effectiveness of the team in that factor.  The results provide a profile of where the team is in its level of functioning, and specifically the key problems that need to be addressed.  The assessment is followed by brief one on one interviews with team members to better understand the context of the responses, and the personalities and perspectives involved.

Proficiency scores are provided for leadership, team structure, trust, comfort with conflict, commitment, mutual accountability and focus on team results.  Factors rated high in importance and low in proficiency are targeted for deeper discussion and improvement. 

With the data from the employee engagement survey, culture assessment and team effectiveness self-assessment, the team has a clearer sense of purpose.  It is important for the team to agree on a concise purpose statement that captures their mandate, and then to identify 5-7 key outcomes that will result from commitment to that purpose based on resolution of the values conflicts that emerged from the variances among the team on the culture and team effectiveness assessments.

Every team meeting starts with a review of the team’s purpose and vision to ensure that the agenda remains focused on the cultural factors that will enhance productivity and market leadership. 


* Patrick Lencioni, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Jossey Bass, 2002
* Katzenbach and Smith, The Wisdom of Teams, Harvard Business School Press, 1993

The Center is for clients and network partners to order, administer, or view the results of assessments.
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• Leader 360 Feedback
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• Culture Assessment
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