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I want to thank you for visiting ManagementCentral, and hope to hear from you if you have any specific questions or comments.  In both my personal and professional life I have been much blessed, and never before have I so enjoyed “working.”  But it wasn’t always that way.  In lieu of the traditional 3rd person bio, my personal story follows below.

Unlike most young graduates starting a career, I was unprepared.  As an English Literature and History major.I lacked both the technical education and the “talent” for the initial levels of a financial services career (my only job offer!). Because both analytical and sales skills were difficult for me, I had to spend twice the energy to be a “B” player.  But with the assignment to run a small finance and securities company in Bangkok, my innate talents fully emerged (see below),shaping my purpose as a “change agent. ”

From managing businesses and working with clients in most of Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa-Middle-East and the U.S., I learned much about the business and people challenges facing executives in fast-changing markets and industries, and my own strengths and limitations. 

By mid-career, I felt restless and yearned for change.  I saw the many executives who got passed over trying to hide in the woodworks, and dreaded the thought of a banker’s death.  With the help of the organization, which itself was in a crisis that eventually proved fatal, I cut the umbilical cord and entered graduate school at Columbia University.  I wanted to learn more about the normal problems of normal people, and, in particular, why organizational changes were so often ineffective, and at times worse, than the problems they were trying to solve.  Having experienced alternating bouts of elation—(I was free!) and terror (the bonus check was not in the mail!), I got continuous inspiration from people like Marsha Sinetar (Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow) and the poems of Robert Frost.   I graduated in 1992 with an M.Ed in Counseling Psychology.   

For the past 15 years, as an organization development consultant, I have worked with senior executives in both large and high-growth entrepreneurial companies to enhance productivity. ManagementCentral was created in 1999 to more efficiently and thoroughly assess the management and leadership strengths and weaknesses of client companies so that resources could be more intelligently directed at identifying and implementing effective solutions.  While the broader vision was not on target, our proprietary assessments provided a cost-effective mechanism for holding leaders accountable for performance improvement and facilitating successful change.  In 2001 we transferred responsibility for software development to India.  Today, the MC Kolkatta team is a critical partner in delivering client solutions.

The Leadership Impact Model© is based on the integration of important research on cultures, teams, emotional intelligence and talent theory, and evolved from our work with senior leadership teams such as those highlighted on our home page. 

MCNet extends our reach and impact while keeping the firm small, flexible, innovative, and value-driven, and provides other experienced business leaders who have the urge to build an independent practice with the capability and resources to do so quickly and effectively. 

Email me at toverholser (at) managementcentral (dot) com and tell us your story.

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